Lab reports

Include the following sections in all formal lab reports. Also, make sure to write in past tense and to avoid personal pronouns.

lab info
Include the title, lab partners, and date performed at the top of the first page (don’t use a separate title page).
State the purpose in a sentence beginning with the word to.
Draw a sketch of the lab setup.
Don’t copy out the procedure, but indicate where it can be found. If it is a handout, attach it to the end of the lab.
Use tables and point-form writing.
Provide a sample calculation for each type of calculation that you did.
Make your graphs by hand with pencil. Each graph needs a title, labelled axes, a sensible scale (you’re safe with 1, 2, 5, or 10), and circled data points. Include a legend if applicable.
Answer the assigned discussion questions.
sources of error
List reasonable, significant sources of experimental error and their likely effects on the results.
Write a brief conclusion that summarizes the results.